So Sorry.

Unless someone wants to take over the community, I'm going to have to close it. I barely have enough free time to update my personal journal, much less a community barely anyone participates in. I want to thank those of you who joined, entered, or anything. But in the horrendously long time I was absent, there were only about three entries given. That little fact pushed me to go ahead and give this community a closing word. I know it was a short span of time to have to close, but life is currently just too hectic with school and all that I'm trying to take on. If you want to take over the community, comment here. But if no one replies within a short amount of time I will simply close the community. Thanks.

<3 Valerie

Challenge #1: Winners

VOTING IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Sorry I was late. I'm here to announce the winners of the very first challenge here. Now, because of the small amount of entries, I've decided to award only first through third place. All of the icons were fabulous and I hope all of you enter the next challenge. If you didn't win anything, don't fret, just practice some more, and enter the next round...which will be up shortly. Thanks to all who entered!

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So, I just closed challenge number one. I ended up with a grand total of 6 entries, I believe. Eh, not too shabby for the first challenge. Especially considering it wasn't a very creative challenge. The voting post will be up shortly. But first I would like to have this post be for the following:

Please post here any suggestions you may have for the next challenge or other challenges to come. It can be anything, but it must relate to BtVS and action.


Promote, promote, promote!

I want thank everyone who has entered the first challenge so far! I need more entries!!!! And now I would like to take the moment to annoy all of you by saying this: PLEASE PROMOTE THIS COMMUNITY WHEREVER YOU CAN, I NEED MORE MEMBERS IN ORDER FOR THIS TO BE FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Thank you. And if you haven't entered the challenge in the post below. Please do. NOW, bitch.